CloudSync crashes my Win 2008r2 Server

My windows server 2008r2 crashes or hang up when CloudSync is left unattended for a week to sync our on premise data to our google drive. I have noticed that as the day past by the cloudsync.exe file will grow tremendously in size and in my task manager it shows about 1.7GB in size for about a week and my Windows server 2008R2 will become unresponsive and I have to do a reboot to startup CloudSync again. I want CloudSync not crash the server and must be able to operate unattended for long periods of time so we do not have to reboot server.

Here is the image of the crash after two days of running.

This is the proof that it will crash.

I think we need to test with similiar environment. How many files / size do you have in local disk which synced to Google Drive?

I’m uploading about 400GB of data to our Google drive account.

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