Cloudflare R2 compatibility

I’m trying to add Cloudflare R2 using the S3 option but when I connect the mount is empty.

Details on R2 and S3 API compatibility can be found here S3 API compatibility · Cloudflare R2 docs

In the verbose log I see messages to do with SSL error.

I believe R2 uses v4 signatures I can’t find what NetDrive supports

Verbose logs attached. (7.6 KB)

Cloudflare R2 does not implement several APIs, and GetBucketRegion is among them. NetDrive utilizes the GetBucketRegion API for signing requests before transmission.

Can you add support for Cloudflare R2?

Yes, it’s on our agenda. We believe that by limiting S3 API usage, we might be able to support Cloudflare R2. However, we cannot provide a definite timeline at this moment.

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