Cloud Sync still crashing with 502 error

I originally complained about this issue a year ago. I was given 1 or 2 beta versions of the software which were supposed to resolve the issue. This has clearly not resolved anything. This is still crashing either daily or every couple of days. when this happens the backup stops running and I need to manually reset.

When should this issue be resolved? The last update to CloudSync was 3 months ago, does this mean you are no longer working on the issue or you just cannot resolve it?



Dear Larry,

I will check about this issue as soon as possible.


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Dear Larry,

I have tested CloudSync running for more than 24 hours and found no problem.

If possible, could you send me a log file when a problem occurs?

Sorry for causing any inconvenience.

If you send us the following debug log file, it will help us to check your issue :

  1. Open your CloudSync UI
  2. Stop current sync jobs
  3. Click “Settings” button
  4. Select “VERBOSE” from Log Level field
  5. Repeat steps to reproduce your issue
  6. Click “Open log folder” to find “cloudsync.log” file

Thanks for your feedback.