Can't upload files to BackBlaze


I am trialing NetDrive3. I added a Wasabi drive and that worked fine. I then added a BackBlaze B2 drive. I’m just using the master keys in BackBlaze. I can connect to the bucket just fine. When I try to copy a file into it, the filename is created at BackBlaze but NetDrive fails with an error “Failed to Upload”


Odd that is can make the file name but not actually copy the file. It’s a new bucket at BackBlaze. I am using NetDrive version 3.14.309. Thanks.
nd3svc_Backblaze B2.log (122.2 KB)


Thank you for using NetDrive.

I reviewed the log file you attached.

I found several error messages below.

“code”: “bad_request”,
“message”: “Invalid bucketId: robmillertestdrive”,
“status”: 400

Could you check your bucket?


Not sure what to check. That is the name of the bucket. It appears fine. It’s just a bucket that was made earlier today at BackBlaze with default settings. I am user the Master App key to access it.

I can use the BB web interface to upload files to it. So it does work. I just can’t with NetDrive.

I also can’t browse the bucket.

Even odder, it does connect when I use NetDrive. It maps the drive and opens it. It doesn’t show any files though. It looks blank in the mapped drive, although there are files in it I can see in the web interface at BB. idk, it just seems completely broken. When I add the drive in NetDrive, it does connect to BB and show me all my buckets to select one. Everything appears to connect and work just fine. Can’t view files or upload a single file to it though with NetDrive.

I even made a brand new bucket again with default settings, and the same thing happens.


And yet even odder, I can’t find those lines in the log I posted. I had deliberately changed all occurrences of robmillertestdrive to billybattstestdrive in the logs for obfuscation. I don’t know where/how you are seeing the original bucket name. But even outside of that, I don’t even see “code”: “bad_request in the log I posted at all. Where are you getting that?


I found what’s wrong.

You chose the bucket as a remote path.

That was a bug!!! I will fix it as soon as possible.

Please don’t choose the “remote path” in the configuration.


And the message above was decoded from “258B4B0EC2201040F79C82B0368536AE7A839E82CCC0A8A4F423337451E3DD45DDBDE4BDF710D979B416F6E45CDF218419339C844317B6C5E2D0843DFA063E27167F4B99FC0A0BB1522FA5B5095B24336A83107DA167251673F98A9630DC7F6E5A0FC8296AAC612699E2A8CB864BCA998AB43E9674D07F6201A9DC9EAB73EAFD01219C338B”

Yes it works without selecting a remote path, but then of course I see all the buckets.


Here is a fixed version.

The fixed is going to be included a next release version.


Please reset the root path in the configuration.

Thank you.

Wow that was fast! I’ll check out in the morning and report back. Thanks!

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