Cant save file with WebDav

We have integrated a WebDav directory as a local network. Copying and moving files works. If an Excel file is edited and saved, the file is uploaded but is not displayed in Explorer. The file is only displayed after disconnecting and reconnecting.

It seems that the Explorer does not update itself.

We are using the latest beta version. We are using Windows 11.
Windows 11 with a NetDrive 2 version works. But not with the NetDrive 3 version.

When we upload the file, *.tmp files are created which cannot be deleted in Explorer. But there are no *.tmp files visible on the server. A cache problem?

[2023/11/19 18:51:18.304] [DEBUG ] [ 11072] [FILESYSTEM] [Z:explorer.exe] FileSystem::ReleaseDir : \FMC Public\FMC Z
[2023/11/19 18:51:18.304] [DEBUG ] [ 11072] [FILESYSTEM] [Z:explorer.exe] FileSystem::ReleaseDir => AERROR::SUCCESS : \FMC Public\FMC Z
[2023/11/19 18:51:18.305] [DEBUG ] [ 2700] [FILESYSTEM] [Z:explorer.exe] FileSystem::OpenDir :
[2023/11/19 18:51:18.305] [DEBUG ] [ 2700] [FILESYSTEM] [Z:explorer.exe] FileSystem::OpenDir => AERROR::SUCCESS :
[2023/11/19 18:51:18.305] [DEBUG ] [ 15972] [FILESYSTEM] [Z:explorer.exe] FileSystem::ReleaseDir :
[2023/11/19 18:51:18.305] [DEBUG ] [ 15972] [FILESYSTEM] [Z:explorer.exe] FileSystem::ReleaseDir => AERROR::SUCCESS :
[2023/11/19 18:51:18.547] [DEBUG ] [ 11912] [SERVICE ] filesystem->GetLockedFileList completed
[2023/11/19 18:51:18.548] [DEBUG ] [ 11072] [FILESYSTEM] [Z:explorer.exe] FileSystem::OpenDir :
[2023/11/19 18:51:18.548] [DEBUG ] [ 11072] [FILESYSTEM] [Z:explorer.exe] FileSystem::OpenDir => AERROR::SUCCESS :
[2023/11/19 18:51:18.549] [DEBUG ] [ 2700] [FILESYSTEM] [Z:explorer.exe] FileSystem::ReleaseDir :
[2023/11/19 18:51:18.549] [DEBUG ] [ 2700] [FILESYSTEM] [Z:explorer.exe] FileSystem::ReleaseDir => AERROR::SUCCESS :
[2023/11/19 18:51:18.549] [DEBUG ] [ 15972] [FILESYSTEM] [Z:explorer.exe] FileSystem::OpenDir :
[2023/11/19 18:51:18.549] [DEBUG ] [ 15972] [FILESYSTEM] [Z:explorer.exe] FileSystem::OpenDir => AERROR::SUCCESS :
[2023/11/19 18:51:18.549] [DEBUG ] [ 11072] [FILESYSTEM] [Z:explorer.exe] FileSystem::ReleaseDir :
[2023/11/19 18:51:18.549] [DEBUG ] [ 11072] [FILESYSTEM] [Z:explorer.exe] FileSystem::ReleaseDir => AERROR::SUCCESS : \

Sorry for the inconvenience it may caused.

Please try following version:

This version includes some fixes for MS Office applications and refresh issues.

thank you, with v3.18.1018 i can save and edit MS Office files, but the file explorer is still not refreshing. i have to go out and in of the webdav folder to see the new files.

Did you save or upload Office files through mounted drive?

left explorer (windows 11), is the mounted drive as local drive, on the right side you see the explorer on the server side, there is a TXT File, which isnt showing on the left explorer. After i refresh the explorer on the left side, the TXT file is showing.

before refresh

after refresh

when i create a file in the mounted drive, the file is showing on the webdav server.
When i create a file on the webdav server, the file isnt showing, only when i refresh the explorer, then the file is showing. the same if i rename the filename on the webdav server, the renamed file isnt showing. i have to refresh the explorer to see the actually files

I now grasp the underlying issue.

Due to the lack of a push notifications mechanism in the WebDAV protocol, server-side updates are not automatically reflected on the client side. To see these updates, you must manually refresh the directory or revisit it later. NetDrive only updates the directory upon a request from Windows Explorer.

In contrast, protocols like Google Drive and SharePoint offer push notification support. With these services, any changes made on the server are instantly pushed to the clients.

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