Can't connect to OneDrive for Business

NetDrive version: 3.7.687
Windows/Mac Version: Windows 10 Version 1703

I’m trying to connect to our companies OneDrive for Business. The app authentication seems to work fine but NetDrive keeps complaining about an authentication issue. In “My Account” in OneDriveBiz I can see NetDrive in the “App Permissions” Tab.
The only error I see in the log files is [2019/06/12 15:11:50.141] [ERROR ] [ 7316] [PROTOCOL ] About::Process >> Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates(60)

Attached are the log files with Verbose output and replicated issue.


nd3svc_OneDrive.log (546 Bytes)
nd3svc.log|attachment (27.0 KB)

Sorry for the delay. For the CA certificates problem I think we need to update CA file used by NetDrive. (125.9 KB)

Unzip the above file and replace the cacert.pem file in NetDrive with unzipped cacert.pem file.

cacert.pem is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Bdrive\NetDrive3\cert.

After replacing the file you need to reboot your PC.

Hope this helps.

Hi ysh,
unfortunately it did not help. Here is what I did:
1.Removed the OneDrive for Business configuration from NetDrive
2.Revoked the app permission from OneDrive account
3.Copied the cacert.pem from the zip archive to the mentioned folder
4.Restarted my machine
5.Created the ONeDrive For Business configuration in NetDrive
6.Granted all permissions to Netdrive App during configuration/authentication process
7.Same error as before.

New log files attached.




nd3svc.log|attachment (25.4 KB) ndagent.log (5.6 KB)

Could you confirm that has a valid HTTPS certificate installed?

Hi ysh,
yes it is a valid certificate. Here is the certification path:
->Entrust Certification Authority - L1K
->**.013****.com is part of the “Subject Alternative Name” property of the certificate.

We will build and send you a test version to ignore the validity of remote ssl certificate. If this test version works it tells us that NetDrive even with an updated CA certificates couldn’t check the ssl certificate of

Here is the test version. Please try with this version. If this version works we will add an option to turn off ssl verification.

Hi ysh,
yes, this version works fine for me.