Can't connect to my webdav using net drive


Since I update my Netdrive I can’t connect to my Webdave. I downgrade it to find out if it was a version problem and it is not.

I got an http 401 error but my credentials are all fines and used to work before.

Can someone tell me what is wrong with the setup ?

Below is the log I get when I try to connect.

[2022/01/26 10:13:17.873] [ERROR ] [ 15288] [SERVICE ] [ nd3 sdk version - child nd3svc : 3.14.309 ] [Child.cpp:129]
[2022/01/26 10:13:28.073] [ERROR ] [ 15288] [PROTOCOL ] Protocol::Connect >> ON HTTP 401 : AERROR::ACCESS_DENIED(0x00000018)

Thanks if you answer,


If you got HTTP 401 error, please check a block list of your NAS server.

I guess your ip is added to the block list.



Thanks for your answer. It seems to be the problem indeed.

Have a good one !

It’s a good news.

Don’t hesitate to contact us.


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