Can't access NAS server from a wi-fi connection outside of the servers local network

Hi -

I have recently been setting up a Asustor Lockerstor server NAS - it is working just fine locally, but that is the easy part.

I am looking into WebDAV to connect to the server from remote connections, and want the NAS folders to appear as normal mapped drives for easy access. We are a small office of 4 people, but work on active files on a daily basis.

I used NetDrive 3 to try to set up a team to access my NAS, but it doesn’t allow connection from remote access. What would be causing the connection to not be allowed? It works through NetDrive locally as well, but if I connect to another network it no longer works.



To access NAS from remote you may need to set NAT rules on your router.

Please refer to Asustor online help: Remote Access Manual Connect - ASUSTOR NAS

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