Cannot get past "Wait for authentification" screen

Since I bought Netdrive3 I’m having trouble with getting past the authentication screen.
Also BOX is not logging in automatically.

Any ideas about this?

Another issue is that I can’t see the screen where I can add drives and controle the sessings.
Please help.

I am having the same problem. Neither Netdrive2 nor 3 are logging me in. I am trying to connect to my Google Drive. There is no feedback of the process at all.
Any help woul dbe gratly appriciated.

I have same problem windows 10

Same problem here. Also after boot netdrive wants me to log in again because it detected I was not connected to the internet but I was.

I have the same problem too. how can fix it?

Same platform and experiencing the same issue. And no one from Bdrive has post a single replay. Wowwww!

I have also same problem still right can you give any suggestion

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Please try again. There was an issue on our server working with OAuth login.

Sorry for the inconvenience it may caused.

Yep, works again this morning. Not very stable situation. I’m experiencing login trouble on a daily/weekly basis.