Cannot configure netdrive

I’m honestly not sure how to classify this. NetDrive seems to be working because the drives show as mounted in Windows explorer. However, I can no longer get to the program to reconfigure my accounts. If I double-click on the icon in my windows task bar, I get a splash screen with the logo spinning but nothing else. My only option right clicking is to quit. Trying to quit and restart yields the same splash screen. Restarting windows…same thing. I need to change the login credentials for a google drive and cannot do it.

Hello vocal ease.

Thank you for using NetDrive.

Could you check 2 services of NetDrive’s state?

You can refer to the following url.


It seems that your message was partially cut off.
I have uploaded a screenshot of that section of the services list.

Agent just says Automatic
Service Says Running next to Automatic.

Could you try to start “NetDrive3 Agent” in services list?

If I start it from the services list, I can see the NetDrive window.
How do I get it to allow me to do this without having to open the services list each time? The servic should run automatically when it starts.

This seems to be a pattern of support. A message identifies the problem and then never gives a full fix.

Is there a way to get NetDrive to work without having to open the services list to start it?