Cannot change options if drive not accessible


I use NetDrive, among others, to upload files to iPhone/iPad file software offering webdav access. Access to these can vary as the iPhone sofware may not be active, or iPhone IP address may have changed.

Obviously, it is not possible to change options from a drive if the drive is not accessible. That would just be more convenient for name, color, “background upload” option etc.
But it prevents me from changing the IP address if my iPhone/iPad got a new one (from DHCP choice or in another network), because to change IP address I have to connect with the old IP address which is not accessible anymore. So typically I need to create a new drive with the new IP.

This is really bothering, and I see no point in having to be connected to change simple options.
Can the developers change this behavior, allowing to change options and to access the “ok” button even if the drive is not accessible?


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