Can you help me please

I just configured the google console to generate the api, i want to know if i did it well please i want to know if my google mounted folder with netdrive is using google api please can you tell me if i did it correctly?

Dear aldoaisa0618,

Thank you for using NetDrive.

If you use a custom API, the Title (red box) will be displayed as the custom API Title you created.


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One more question, I wanted to know in this option which would be the best?





which is better and what consequences does each one bring?


Please refer to following topic:

Sorry for late response.

I did not understand very well if I choose a device, will my files be downloaded to my hard drive? take up space, is that what you’re trying to tell me?

Dear aldoaisa0618,

The Item Location setting is whether to save the setting information for the Drive Item to the Account server or to your PC.

The screenshot above shows the Drive Item List.
The one in the red box is a Drive Item.


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