Can´t mount WebDAV

Hi, I have problem with mounting of my drive.

I have made this setup many times before with succes, but now ther is a issue when I’m trying to mount the drive by using the ''CONECT" botton.

I have done alle the setup as I normaly do.
I can also acces my WebDAV with other laptops, but not with my Lenovo Miix 630 laptop?

  1. I start entering the webDAV server address: http://“servername”;
  2. I can now see all my server folders under REMOTE PATH;

But when I’m connecting by using the ''CONECT" botton, the feedback issue is: WebDAV : Mount Error.
That I can’t understand, because I can see all the folders under REMOTE PATH.

Logfile is attached:
nd3svc_WebDAV.log (531 Bytes)

What is wrong?

Best regards
Jesper Hoejer


I got the log files you attached and reviewed it.

I found the error while mounting.

There is a problem to load a system driver cbfs6.sys file not your setting for webdav.

I think there is some anti-virus program or anti-malware program in your pc to protect virus or malware and such a program would banned to load cbfs6.sys.

You need to add cbfs6.sys as an exception or make it load on your pc.

Or reinstalling may help.


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