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in your description about how the cache works in Netdrive3, you say that the size limit is “soft” and that the real limit could be higher…
I want to backup about 10 GB of my local PC files on OneDrive but I have only 2GB of disk space on my local harddrive available…even if I put 1GB as cache size in the Netdrive3 settings, the cache exceeds much more than 1GB and my harddisk gets full…
Can we put a hard limit to the cache??


No, you can’t set hard limit. NetDrive needs enough free space for file to upload.

If you are using windows explorer(copy and paste) to upload files, then use ‘on the fly uploading’ option in your drive config. Then NetDrive never makes cache to your disk while upload but you have to use copy and paste in windows explorer.

thanks for your reply…
No I use Cobian backup…

Do you know how up to how much the cache will grow?
Does the cache clear itself after an operation? (for instance if I split my backup in several smaller backup and run them at different times of the day, will the cache clear itselft after all files have been copied??

Thanks in advance

NetDrive will use disk same size of file to upload.

Sure. NetDrive will truncate file to zero length right after upload.

I guess it’s good idea to split smaller files. But you don’t have to backup different time. Backup files sequentially will work.

Thanks, will try…

Hi again,

I tested again but the files remain in the cache folder after they have been copied to OneDrive by Cobian backup. I started a new backup (of a smaller set of files), and the previous set of files remain in the cache folder, which means that this cache folder does not stop to grow! My hardidisk is soon full again !

If I try to manually delete the files in the cache directory (after the files have been copied on OneDrive by Cobian), I get a windows error msg because the files are “opened in nv3svc.exe”

Can you advise please how this cache folder can be cleanedup?


(by the way I am on Windows Server 2012R2)

I am currently dealing with the same issue.

The cache files DID get removed in the previous version, but the latest version DOES NOT clean the cache after a successful upload.

To be honest this renders netdrive completely unusable as the cache will grow until it fills your drive. Taking down netdrive and potentially the entire system depending on the setup.

I made another post about it that was moved to private for troubleshooting.

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