Cache Settings Additions


There are 2 changes to the cache settings that would be helpful.

First is being able to set an arbitrary cache size, and one greater then 50GB.

Second is being able to specify 2 cache locations. One that is used to hold files while they are being uploaded, and one that is used for normal cache activities of files that have already been uploaded.

Thanks for your consideration!


This would be great! I requested similar settings through another post.

I’d like to add that there really needs to be some way to retry the upload cache also.
My netdrive gui has crashed several times while uploading files. When I reopen the GUI the files that were being uploaded are gone.
They arent on the cloud storage and they aren’t on the local file system, they are stuck in the cache folder without any way to get them out. If you reboot netdrive deletes the cache, if you try to copy them out netdrive has a file lock on them. So my files are there but I have no way to access them!!


I agree, auto retry when running, and picking up files in the cache directory that are missing from the cloud destination after a crash or at launch would be other great additions to making the application more solid. Even if there are issues that cause it to crash, if it can gracefully recover from that crash, and is made to be robust where it starts the uploads again for files that it sees don’t yet exist yet ln the remote side, the crashes are such a big deal.

Separate cache locations per drive would be awesome also.

That would make life so much easier, I have a lot of files that I’d like to be cached because they are so large, and I don’t want to have to download them every single time I need them. NetDrive should have an option that allows the whole FTP server to be cached/saved offline and synced, or at the very least set a cache size larger than 50GB.

I would like to see an upload cache limit for files being queued up to be uploaded so disk space isn’t used up on the uploading PC.

This is a cache limit setting, but the setting isn’t being honored. At least not for the uploading cache.
I have mine set to 50gb but netdrive will regularly use over 100gb of ‘cache’ when uploading.

I have been asking for an increased Cache size option for quite some time now.
The ability to specify different Cache locations for upload Cache and per drive Cache would also be fantastic.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for using NetDrive.

I will discuss this with develop team.