Cache (plus 15 chars)

I read the following about the cache:
For write operations, NetDrive uses almost same cache size as target file to perform uploading to remote storage. We need whole file to start uploading because remote file storages do not accept incomplete files. NetDrive upload files when file write operation is finished. When the file is closed NetDrive can guarantee that we have whole file. Cache space for write operations do not limited by cache size limit.

I’m trying to copy a 30GB file from my local SSD to my Google drive which is mounting on Z:. If I understand the statement above correctly Netdrive will copy 30GB from local storage to local storage and then upload it to Google drive. Why is the local copy needed? The “whole file” already exists locally.

Disk spaces used for cache will be released according to internal policy.

NetDrive needs local copy to guarantee that the file exists while it’s being uploaded.

So it’s to prevent the file from being deleted or changed during the upload?

Yes. Whole file must be ready while uploading it.

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