Cache not working when running mapped drive as a windows network shared drive

I have everything working exactly as I want and im very happy so far, however there is one issue I can’t seem to find a solution to.

Id like to share the mapped drive from NetDrive3 (WebDAV) to make it available to all computers on the local network.

When I transfer a large amount of files locally (The PC Netdrive is running on) You can see the waiting cue start to fill up, meaning the transfer ‘appears’ to be very quick.

However if anyone on the network try to transfer files via the network share, the files are uploaded one by one and the Cache never seems to fill up, meaning the transfers appear very slow to the user.

Is there a way around this or is this just not something that is supported by NetDrive3?


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Basically, NetDrive did not designed to use like that. You can use drive with network share if there’s no problem. But we can not guarantee works correctly.

We recommend to use every person with NetDrive.