Box files not syncing


I just added a Box network drive to my computer using NetDrive3. First time it connects, files are downloaded to folder without issues. Uploading works as well.

My problem is if I modify or add any files to this Box folder on another device, changes aren’t synced automatically on the computer with NetDrive3. Only way to sync them is to disconnect the Box network drive and reconnect it, which is just a pain.

Am I missing any option to keep the files synced automatically with my Box account?

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Thank you for using NetDrive.

Unfortunately, NetDrive does not apply real-time server changes made by other devices.

It is for performance improvement.

If you need to refresh the files, try “Refresh” menu.




I tried the “Refresh” option as suggested, but files didn’t update nor new files synced on the local folder. This is an odd behavior given that previous versions of NetDrive did update files just by refreshing the folder.

Please let me know if there’s any setting I might be missing.


Could you try with turn on “Always retrieve fils list from server” option?


You can see the option in a configuration page of the box item.



Just to close this thread, the last suggestion didn’t work either. Seems to me Box service isn’t working well with this NetDrive version.

I changed to a Google Drive account, and files are now syncing without issues.


It’s a good news.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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