Background uploading with Mega Sync

During my test using NetDrive with Mega sync, I notice when I copy more than 4 video files the windows copy progress stall after copied around 2 files and turn out it was waiting to finish uploading the first batch of ‘copied’ files then resume remaining copy progress.

From my understanding about ‘background uploading’, it will fully copy without interruption as ‘cache’ then upload the files silently in the background, or this is expected behavior?


Yes, NetDrive creates a cache for uploads, and if you turn on the Instant Upload feature, no cache is created.

The numbers of the background uploading is 4 by default.

If you want to change it, please add two lines below to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Bdrive\NetDrive3\x64\ndfs.ini”.


It must be opened by Administrator’s right.

The file edited is attached.

ndfs.txt (84 Bytes)

You must change the extension from .txt to ini after downloading it.


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