Azure WVD

Hi, I deployed WVD to 12 users. I want each user to connect to dropbox. Can each user use NetDrive to mount dropbox to their unique dropbox account?


Thank you for using NetDrive.

The users all have different WVD Windows accounts, right? Then it is possible.


I know you have another question.

Unlike Dropbox or Google Drive, NetDrive does not take on local storage. However, a part is used for cache purposes. The size of the cache can be set in options.

You can refer to a followin url about cache.


Yes they all have unique WVD account…

What is best practice for updating the client on WVD? I updated on the host and updated the pool. User then had to re-login and got brought to a webpage to deactivate the old url. Even though the host name is unchanged.


Could you give me a more details?

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with WMD.

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