Available Disk Space Display

When using in FTP mode is there a way to have the drive display the correct amount of available and used disk space on the folder etc??

Either I have the WORLDS largest disc space or its not displaying properly…


There’s no generic way to check a disk space on FTP server.

NetDrive uses maximum disk space for similar protocols.

So what would I need to do so I can tell how much disk space is available on an ftp server ??

You need to login to the server and check available spaces using commands like df on Linux/Mac or Windows Explorer on Windows.

Seems a bit clunky. Any other way??

What software do you use to run FTP server and on what operating system?

Proftpd and on Ubuntu

It seems that ProFTPD does not support any command for querying available / total disk spaces.


What protocol might I use that would return the left over volume size?

I’m afraid there is no installable protocol / software on Ubuntu which support NetDrive querying free / available spaces.

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