Auto connect drives on disconnect or failure

I have seen a few times now where the drive (Google Drive in my case), will disconnect, either the drive will just randomly disconnect on its own and will have to physically reconnect it, or at times the Netdrive 3 program itself will crash.

Is there a possibility to add a feature that if the drive disconnects, the program will auto reconnect it.
Also if Netdrive is run as a service on Windows, if the program crashes, can it be auto restarted and reconnect the drives on restart?

OS - Windows 10
Netdrive 3 - 3.1.218 (build 218)
Drive: Google Drive


That would be amazing, I requested this feature too

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So tired of having to log in to the windows server every day 4 times a day to connect the crashed drives…

It would be nice to have an auto reconnection for the drive if its disconnect by itself like it happens to me a lot, instead of having to manually go to the server and connect it again…

Is this feature available?
Or can we connect a drive by calling a script?

You can use nd3cmd executable to connect your drive item.

It’s in the NetDrive 3 installation folder.

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