API use on Amazon Cloud Drive stopped working

It seems that Amazon is discontinuing access to their Cloud Drive API. If it is true it means NetDrive will not be able to read or write files from Amazon Cloud Drive. We searched on web and we found that it also affects another softwares like BoxCryptor and Duplicati. Of course you can continue to access your files using web browsers.

One thing we cannot understand is that we have not received any prior notice from Amazon. We sent an email and waiting for their reply.

Sorry for the inconvenience it may caused.

One thing I can’t understand is why NetDrive failed to notify its customers that Amazon Cloud Drive no longer works with the NetDrive product once you found out. Instead I had to waste time trying to troubleshoot a problem that there is no fix for. Furthermore, I have a product that I paid money for precisely because it could mount Amazon Cloud Drive and now this feature no longer works.


Sorry for your time. We posted the notice when we found the issue. We also cannot understand why Amazon did not send us any prior notice. It’s not a behaviour expected from a world class company like Amazon.

I switched from Expandrive to Netdrive because of some errors in Expandrive.
Now Amazon Cloud Drive no longer works with Netdrive, but in Expandrive my Amazon Cloud Drive does mount as a virtual hard drive. So the Cloud Drive API is working again?

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The break in support for Amazon cloud drive has completely stopped my ability to use NetDrive with Amazon. Any update if this will be fixed? I have not found any news where Amazon has said that this is no longer supported and their website still lists support. Could this just be a simple NetDrive issue? https://www.programmableweb.com/api/amazon-cloud-drive

As I linked some other apps in the first post, it is not just a NetDrive issue.

You can leave us a private message if you want a refund. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We don’t know why some apps are still working and others not. But eventually we think Amazon will close all support for Amazon Drive APIs. I think it is better to move your data from Amazon Drive to other cloud storage service if you can.

Boy am I glad I checked here before springing to upgrade from Netdrive 2 to Netdrive 3. I had assumed that the new version would fix my problem… guess not, and no immediate need to upgrade now.

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