And now for BUG #3 in NetDrive 3

Server 2016
Un-Installed, attempted to Re-Install
Fails to add x64 VC 2015 components (direct install fails too reporting that a version already exists now)
Fails to install NetDrive 3

Attempted manual installation of x64 & x86 VC 2015 components, both are now failing
Have VC 2017 x64 runtime already installed

Apparently the installer is trying to install x86 components on an x64 OS

I’m rolling back to NetDrive 2 on this server until you resolve these (and the upgrade) issues

Sorry for the late response and the inconvenience it may caused.

Because NetDrive application is 32bit, it needs x86 VC 2015 components.
(Only NetDrive services are x64 in 64bit Windows)

We added handling VC 2017 components, it may failed handle some versions.
Could you let us know exact version of VC 2017 x64 components?

And, we will test Server 2016 with VC 2017 x64 components.