Allow access to one drive for netdrive 3 does not work in Microsoft edge for chromium

When trying to create drive configuration for my one drive account netdrive 3 tries to open a url to have one drive allow netdrive 3 access to my onedrive account. However when my default browser is Microsoft Edge for chromium that url provides an HTTP error " 502 Bad Gateway" in nginx on

The full url created by netdrive 3 was:

When I copy this url and paste it in chrome it works.
Jan de Vries Lentsch

Dear Jan de Vries Lentsch,

Thank you for using NetDrive.

That’s weird. I just changed the default browser to Microsoft Edge and tested it, but nothing went wrong.

Would you like to logout of OneDrive from your web browser(Microsoft Edge) and connect again from NetDrive?


Hi Tjeong,
I logged of frommy microsoft account in edge and then logged in from netdrive to edge again and it worked.
So this problem only appears when you are already logged in to your microsoft account from your edge browser.
By the way I am using the new beta version of Netdrive 3.10.132
Regards, Jan

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