Adobe Illustrator corruption - unable to save on NetDrive3 (macOS)

Unable to save my Illustrator and InDesign files in my folder on NetDrive3.

Keep getting this error!

If I save to Desktop it’s fine! Can someone help me fix this please? (2.0 MB)

Dear carly1,

I reviewed the logfile you attached and found no issues with NetDrive. I also installed Abode Illustrator and tried saving the file and it worked fine. What were you trying to save the file as?


I’m just updating/saving the ai file as an ai file. I’ve just uninstalled and reinstalled adobe creative cloud and reinstalled illustrator and it’s done it again! It brings up that error when trying to save onto the NetDrive3, BUT will save absolutely fine on my desktop!

Here’s a new log: (2.3 MB)

Would appreciate some further help on this please

We acknowledge the issue encountered while saving files from Adobe Illustrator.

I will release a version that incorporates fixes for the problem.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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Hi, Thank you - look forward to when that version is released. thank you :slight_smile:


We’ve updated the version to address the issue with Adobe Illustrator.

Please download the fixed version from the following link: NetDriveInstaller-3.18.791.dmg

Thank you for your valuable feedback and your patience.

Best regards.

Thank you - this has worked - but now I’m suddenly having issues with InDesign - it just won’t save or export any PDFs - What is the issue between NetDrive3 and Adobe?! This is driving me mad and I’ve wasted soo much time this week. Just can’t catch a break! (20.9 MB)

I’m sorry about the trouble you’re experiencing with InDesign and NetDrive3. To assist you more efficiently, could you please share your InDesign version and your operating system details?

Meanwhile, we’ll attempt to replicate the issue using the latest version of InDesign and macOS.

Mac - Ventura 13.6.4
and InDesign 19.1 I think (the latest version)

thank you

Thanks for the info.

We are still working on the issue. As soon as we fix the problem I will post a download link here.

Thanks for your patience.

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