Add Scaleway S3 in the list

Good afternoon,

I just tried out the NetDrive 4.10 program, but it fails to connect to Scaleway object storage.

Scaleway has 2 regions: NL-AMS, and FR-PAR.

These are the endpoints: (nl-ams) (fr-par)

As far as I know, only AWS S3v2 signatures are supported, and not v4 signatures.
CloudBerry is only able to connect when I select v2 signature, with v4 signature it fails.

I have specified as S3 endpoint, supplied the access key and the secret key, but it does not connect, showing a message “please check the server information”.

Could you add Scaleway FR and Scaleway NL to the list and make sure I will be able to connect to their S3 compatible object storage?

Thanks in advance.


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