Add a new Device to my Account

Hi I want to purchase one more licence, but the confirm button is not clickable if i change it to 2 it is. i only want TWO licences already have one

The number means total devices after your payment. So set the device count to 2 and proceed the payment and you will have 2 device licenses.


I’m trying to add 1 extra licence to one we already have. but its grey out if I change to TWO devices its ok… but I DONT want 3 just an extra one please

So why adding one more costs more then ?

I already own one licences just want to add another cost should be about $49 not $79

Sorry for the confusion but that’s is the total price for two devices.

But i already OWN one licence would like to add another

I mean the price is total price for two devices you will pay in total.

So if you select 2 the total price is $79 so will pay only the difference $29.95 not the full $79 price.

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