Activated device never recognized


every time I boot my computer, my device is not recognized as activated. The netdrive dialog then opens, saying I have reached my maximum number of activated devices. I need to deactivate my device (with the same name) online then re-log in with my bdrive account.

It is really annoying, can you help me please…

Can I get any support? I bought 3 licenses of Netdrive and no answer after 7 days just to get me started with a login issue.


Thank you for using NetDrive and sorry for late.

I found you are using Ghost, WS and SurfacePro.

Among them, a device id of WS is changed whenever you log in so each time it is recognized as a different device.

Is there a recover program installed in the WS pc?

If you want to have a remote session via AnyDesk, let me know your AnyDesk address and the time you are available with UTC.

AnyDesk can be downloaded from


Yay, thank you for the support…!

After your comment, I saw the same behavior happening in another cloud-based application installed on my computer.

It made me do the move to upgrading to windows 10. It resolved all my issues, probably by resetting some weird network-related configs on my computer.

It works now!

Thanks for the help

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