Activated device never recognized


every time I boot my computer, my device is not recognized as activated. The netdrive dialog then opens, saying I have reached my maximum number of activated devices. I need to deactivate my device (with the same name) online then re-log in with my bdrive account.

It is really annoying, can you help me please…

Can I get any support? I bought 3 licenses of Netdrive and no answer after 7 days just to get me started with a login issue.


Thank you for using NetDrive and sorry for late.

I found you are using Ghost, WS and SurfacePro.

Among them, a device id of WS is changed whenever you log in so each time it is recognized as a different device.

Is there a recover program installed in the WS pc?

If you want to have a remote session via AnyDesk, let me know your AnyDesk address and the time you are available with UTC.

AnyDesk can be downloaded from