Account has a problem. Contact Administrator. Issue


So I have run into an issue with one of the users on my Team account. They have been getting an error that says “Account has a problem. Contact Administrator” whenever they try to log in. Strange thing is when I tried logging in on their PC with a different account that works on a different PC I got the same message. So its clearly not the account itself.

I’ve tried reinstalling, removing the account from the plan. It was working one minute and the next it kicked him off and wont let him back on.

I cant find any documentation on this issue and would appreciate some guidance in fixing it.


Dear j-rales.

After setting the log level to VERBOSE, please reproduce the problem.
Then compress the folder C:\ProgramData\NetDrive3\nd3log to zip file and send us it.
Sorry for the inconvenience it may caused.


It appears to do that I first need to log in to change the log level. But I cant. It stops me at the log in screen. Is there some other way to do this that I am missing?

Also the log levels are : Debug, Message, Warning, Error, and Critical

Attached is a log as is from the PC with the issues. Not sure if this will help as I am still not sure how to change it from the default log level. (20.4 KB)

The issues started randomly, mid use on Jan 18th.

Dear r-raples.

I guess your pc is under proxy or firewall.

If your pc is under proxy, you must set proxy in login window.
If your pc is under firewall, port 10000, http 80, https 443 must be opened.

According to the log files you attached, NetDrive in your pc could not connect to our server.

Please check your network environment again.


Turns out McAfee was blocking network access. Thanks for the support.