Ability to login automatically to bdrive

Currently I have to login to netdrive3 everytime windows starts. I have checked the “keep me logged in” and it doesn’t matter, I get prompted every time my system reboots.

netdrive2 did not have this problem and just worked so well.

Can you add this feature to netdrive3 please?


We will fix the problem in the next release.

Thanks for your feedback.

Sorry for the inconvenience it may caused.

I would like there are no login at all?

For what reason ? Storing my drives info on cloud? If so, i don’t agree with that,i don’t want my credentials out of my computers.

And when bdrive server is not available, this means we can’t use the software???

On 27/09 there was a new update, but still, each time when I reboot windows, I have to do the login on Netdrive.
Was the issue fixed, or what is the status of this fix?

thank you

Same issue here. Annoying stuff.

When can we expect the release which this is fixed in?

Same issue here.

Me to, click to authenticate using my Facebook account, then I get a message saying its all good and I can close the browser tab and NetDrive3 is still sat there at the logon screen.

NetDrive2 was much better please can I pay for a NetDrive2 license, version 3 is a sack of shit.