3.7.502 (Mac) - No files found on DropBox Mounts

NetDrive version: 3.7.502
Windows/Mac Version: 10.14.3

Connecting a very large (22TB) DropBox drive, set as writable and always retrieve file list from server shows no files or folders on the drive. Does not occur with 1TB OneDrive.

Logs attached

Archive.zip (1.5 MB)

So, on further investigation I discovered that this is unique to DropBox for Business and it’s due to the changes that DropBox implemented where access at the root folder is restricted and each user, is by default, restricted to their own unique space in the team folder structure.

Re-creating my shared media folder under my personal folders and moving the 22TB of files from the root folder to the new shared folder has made them, once more, available to NetDrive3 (and therefore my media server)

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