3.15.450 - Dropbox - Failing to Sync or Refresh. Must disconnect & reconnect to see changes

Windows 11
Dropbox size is 42TB, the section being used is not shared. (Personal space on Dropbox Business)

Two issues noted
#1 Trying to use the mounted drive to move folders within personal folder “Pictures” started to move files from the shared folder “Pictures” which is a subfolder of “Media”.

#2 Moving folders on mounted volume is extremely slow taking hours or days to complete.

#3 If folders are moved using the web interface, for speed, the mounted volume never sees any changes regardless of how often it is refreshed. The only way to see the changes made by anyone else or by the web interface is to disconnect the volume and then reconnect the volume.

nd3svc_Personal - DropBox (Windows).log (26.0 KB)
ndagent.log (51.1 KB)
nd3svc.log|attachment (2.5 MB)


Thank you for feedback.

I will research about this issue.


I downloaded the 3.15.457 version you posted in the other thread and that appeared to resolve the problem but after the first refresh, which did show changes, subsequent refreshes did not show any additional changes.

Thank you for feedback.

I will fix this issue soon.


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Hello. Could you try with blow test version?