3.1.34 performing much better!

I’m super happy to report that 3.1.34 is performing quite well with both OneDrive & DropBox with media files in excess of 1.2GB in size. The status icon showing that the files are still uploading in the background have been accurate and appreciated.

Thanks for your feedback and happy to hear that it’s improving.

We will release a new version which supports OS X High Sierra within the next couple of days.

I have noticed that recently I have been getting a number of failures disconnecting my network shared drives with a high volume of USBHub errors related to disconnection which have foreced me to hard reboot my iMac to clear. Is Netdrive3 Mac possibly involved? I’d like to un-install it to verify, are there any special instructions for clean removal or just use the usual MacOS move to trash?

You can find uninstaller in the DMG file you downloaded to install NetDrive for Mac.

I removed NetDrive to test and the USBHost disconnection error is not related so it is re-installed.

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