Workaround for Applications not accessing files on NetDrive Mounted drives

NetDrive version: All
Windows/Mac Version: All

If an application fails to be able to access a file on a NetDrive attached volume by using the drive letter there is a workaround:

Every attached volume has a unique name for example “OneDrive” or “OneDrive - Name” that is either system created or user created but always shown as part of the drive identity in Windows Explorer.

The workaround is to replace the ‘Drive-Letter-Colon’ portion of the path with ‘\\server-or-workstationname\volume-name’ for example:
Q:\Documents\File.ext does not work
\\MY-PC-NAME\OneDrive\Documents\File.ext will work

The above “Share” is not visible if you look for it, but it is there, and it does work.

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