WebDAV transmission forcing

I have the following problem with the Netdrive 3 installation:

When I transfer a file (some 30…40 MB) from a local drive to the remote (WebDAV) server, it seems that the transfer is not finalized, the file does remain in the cache. How can I ensure that the file is completely transferred to the external server?

I assume that this does happen especially with a slow internet connection.

Thank you for your quick feedback!

Best regards, Rudolf

Dear Rudolf,

Thank you for using NetDrive.

You can check the progress of the file upload on the Uploading Page. And if the file fails to upload, you can see it through the FAILED tab.


If you don’t want to use the cache when uploading files, select the “Use on-the-fly uploading in Explorer” option.


Thank you for your feedback. The “on the fly” option could be a solution. Does it work with the Explorer only, or does it work as well if the file transfer is performed by a powershell script?

Is there an option to open the upload page by a script (PowerShell) to see the progress automatically?
Best regards, Rudolf

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