Upload Failure to Dropbox

I keep getting ‘failure to upload’ errors to a Dropbox drive, even after a fresh reboot of Windows. Sometimes the files actually get uploaded, but sometimes not.

nd3svc.log (37.2 KB)

Is this the correct forum to get technical support for a NetDrive issue?

Ok, I think I figured out what the problem is.

Cutting and pasting a file into a Dropbox folder (or probably any NetDrive folder) does not work, probably because the source file gets deleted before NetDrive can complete the copy.

It’s confusing because Windows File Manager shows the file as being present in the Dropbox destination folder even though the file is not actually present in Dropbox (determined by viewing in a browser) and NetDrive raises an error.

It would be helpful if the failure message indicated that the source file was missing and that a cut-and-paste doesn’t work.

How about a confirmation that this is the case?

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