Unable to connect to OneDrive - new issue

Can anyone help or provide some guidance please.

My NetDrive 2 has stopped connecting to my OneDrives.

I get the authorisation windows come up, I go through the log in to the MS accounts to authorise, as I did originally, I get the window that says “Authentication Completed”, but still no connection.

GDrive, Box, DropBox, and my Synology connections all work OK.

Just not the OneDrive.

Can anyone help please?


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I am facing the same issue…
Any solution foreseen?

We are investigate this problem. I’ll let you know when it’s fixed.


Hi Alex, might want to look at the new API’s MS are rolling out for office 365.

Which you would think Bdrive would have been aware of and supplied an update.
Also the lastest update is pointing Onedrive personal to Onedrive Business.
“OneDriveBiz::GetAuthForService Failed to find service end point”

Never going to authenticate when pointing to the their business products.

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We found what problem is and NetDrive2 will be update soon.



Any updates?

NetDrive2 update was released yesterday. Didn’t you receive auto-update notification?

My bad. I didn’t check. Thanks

It’s ok. If updated version doesn’t work, please let me know.