Transfers speed jumps up and down

Any one else having problem whit the speed jumping up and down when using NetDrive3? I usede NetDrive2 for a long time but now when I try the new version I’m not getting the same performance.

Here is a image of my network card that shows a consistant drop inn speed:

It depends on what you did with NetDrive. Did you copy files from NetDrive?

Yea copy paste from my FTP server and down to the computer.

Copy just one file? or lot of files?

If you tried to copy one file, that’s weird transfer status but copying lot of files make sense.

NetDrive is not work like a ftp client. Windows explorer works like that.

It happens regardless of how many files or size, so for example this also happens if I only transfer one file of lets say 2GB. If it was only whit lots of files I wuld expect this to happen in the file shift, but as you said its werid when it happens whit one file.

If you still have the issue with current version of NetDrive 3 please let us know in other topic.