Swift Auth Failure

I’m trying to add a Swift V1 storage type when I click ok I get please check the connection information.

I’ve confirmed I can connect with the user and API Key using rclone and SwiftStack client.

My log level is set to debug

OS: MacOS 10.15.5 (19F101)
NetDrive: 3.10.139

[2020/06/13 18:34:56.575] [MESSAGE ] [ 4] [PROTOCOL ] GetAuthToken >> HTTPS >> 200 : https://orbit.brightbox.com:443/v1(13) - 35ms
[2020/06/13 18:34:56.575] [DEBUG ] [ 4] [PROTOCOL ] GetAuthToken >>
[2020/06/13 18:34:56.575] [ERROR ] [ 4] [PROTOCOL ] GetAuthToken >> ON HTTP RANGE 200(200) : AERROR::AUTH_FAILED(0x00001B5B)


Thank you for using NetDrive.

We found that there was a problem connecting to the orbit storage of brightbox.com supporting s3.

I’ll let you download the fixed version soon.

It will be included in the next release.


With the new version will I use storage type S3 or Swift?

The orbit storage is compatible with Swift.

If you want to use with the orbit storage of brigtbox.com, you must use Swift.


I’m sorry, I confused Swift with S3.

You must use Swift.

Thanks I assumed you meant Swift :slight_smile:

Technically Orbit does have a S3 compatibility layer but I couldn’t get that working either with NetDrive



I think you are using mac.

You can download the fixed version from below urls.

Windows : http://files.bdrive.com/netdrive/builds/a79c1ff089eb4f19b2e3834e2275d444/NetDrive3_Setup-3.10.152.exe

macOS : http://files.bdrive.com/netdrive/builds/676fda927af248618658103b131fe76d/NetDriveInstaller-3.10.143.dmg


Your ever so nearly their, with orbit you can have two types of user credentials.

  1. The account login username/password

  2. Orbit API Key

When using type one NetDrive now connects however when using type two it still fails.

I suspect this is because API keys aren’t allow to list the containers. Instead of failing when it gets a 403 error could you allow the container name to be entered?

With an API key login you can use a number of containers you just can’t list them, see screenshot from SwiftStack for example.

[2020/06/15 03:18:56.608] [MESSAGE ] [ 3] [PROTOCOL ] GetAuthToken >> HTTPS >> 200 : https://orbit.brightbox.com:443/v1(13) - 92ms
[2020/06/15 03:18:56.608] [DEBUG ] [ 3] [PROTOCOL ] GetAuthToken >>
[2020/06/15 03:18:56.609] [DEBUG ] [ 3] [PROTOCOL ] GetAuthToken >> ON HTTP RANGE 200(200) : AERROR::SUCCESS(0x00000000)
[2020/06/15 03:18:56.639] [MESSAGE ] [ 3] [PROTOCOL ] Process >> HTTPS >> 403 : https://orbit.brightbox.com/v1/acc-xxxxx(0) - 30ms
[2020/06/15 03:18:56.640] [ERROR ] [ 3] [PROTOCOL ] Process >> HTTP 403

Did you set your API Client id’s privileges to “FULL” or “Orbit Storage Only”?

If I set it to “FULL”, I can list containers.

It seems that it takes a few minutes for the privileges to take effect.

If you have to set API Client id’s privileges to “Orbit storage only”, please let me know.

I will consider about it.


Immediately after NetDrive connects, it requests the total used capacity, but the priviledges must be FULL, so there is no error.

Full allows you to create/edit servers change firewall rules etc which clearly isn’t a good idea. Orbit Storage Only only has access to Orbit and allows us to control what containers that key has access to.


I will modify the container name to be entered in the item’s settings.

Can you try with this version?

You can input the container name in REMOTE PATH, and use the privileges “Orbit storage Only”.

Windows : http://files.bdrive.com/netdrive/builds/d242deefba954c3a96f71d2396fbd8fa/NetDrive3_Setup-3.10.156.exe

macOS : http://files.bdrive.com/netdrive/builds/126e78cb8e1e404da76494f336d91a95/NetDriveInstaller-3.10.148.dmg


Amazing that seems to be working correctly, thanks :slight_smile:

I am seeing some issues when I delete a file I get the error bellow, sometimes the file will come straight back other times I need to disconnect and connect again and the file will return.

Only seems to happen if I have turned on Always retrieve file list from server, so I assume I shouldn’t turn that on?

The operation can’t be completed because one or more required items can’t be found.
(Error code -43)

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