Slow display of icons

every single time I open a netdrive folder, it has to regenerate all the icons…
this is obviously very slow when I am looking for images… any way to stop it doing this and make it cache them?


Did you mean the icons are thumbnails of image?

Then it can’t be helped now.

NetDrive uses the cache, but it clears the cache at the right moment.

How about increasing the capacity of the cache?

Of course, if you mount it again after unmounting, all caches are gone.


I do not have this issue with onedrive or google own drive app, it only happens with netdrive.
I already increased the capacity of the cache, it made no difference.

OneDrive and Google Drive may doesn’t delete the cache of the files.

But NetDrive delete all the cache when the drive is unmounted.

We are considering to develop reusable cache even if the drive is remounted.

If the feature implements, you will be happy with it.


I don’t really understand how your reply is relevant to my issue?
Are you saying that netdrive is automatically unmounting my drives every single time I open or view a folder?
In which case, how do I stop it doing this?

You did not unmount the drive.

I misunderstood “every single time”.

The default life of the read cache is currently 60 seconds. There is a option to increase this.

Open “C:\Program Files (x86)\Bdrive\NetDrive3\x64\ndfs.ini” with text editor as a administrator and add below line.


ndfs_sample.txt (57 Bytes)

If you want to increase uo tp 1 hour, please set clear_used_block to 3600.

The sample file is attached.

If your machin is a 32 bits machine, the path is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bdrive\NetDrive3\ndfs.ini

For now, it seems best to increase this value.


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