Rewriting file date upon transfer

I’m just trialling NetDrive3. It looks excellent but one issue.
I use Directory Opus as an alternative to Windows Explorer. I have set it to leave file dates and times based on the original stamp. EG a file created on 30/01/2019 will always say 30/01/2019 at a new location after I copy or move it on a different date.
When using a drive mapped as local through NetDrive, this date is being rewritten to the date of the copy/transfer.
Can I overcome this issue?

Hello Joel.

Which protocol are you using?

If you are using WebDAV or SFTP, S3, swift, it can not be resolved.

Because there is no method for setting timestamp.

But if you choose Google Drive or Box, Dropbox, the timestamp of target file is same as a source file.

In ftp case, it’s depend on a ftp server.


Thank you for your answer. Yes, I should have specified: I’m using WebDAV.

The issue you want is not supported. Sorry about that.