Reboot of Windows 10 causes netdrive to add my machine as a new device

If I reboot my PC netdrive doesn’t automatically reconnect. It has always autoconnected in the past. Currently it is not logging me in at startup stating that I have used all my license. Netdrive then makes me remove the computer I’m using for a new discovered computer which is the same PC. I have not changed any settings for some time now. Removing the PC corrects the issue but I don’t want to have to go through this every time I reboot. Any suggestions on how to fix this error?

Dear biggreddtruck,

Thank you for using NetDrive.

It seems to be caused by changing the device ID every time I reboot Windows 10.

Can we have a remote session to figure out more details?

If you want, let me know your AnyDesk Address and the time you are available with GMT after installing AnyDesk.

You can download it from


Id prefer not to do a remote session on my computer if at all possible.

Since Ive started this thread I have reinstalled windows 10 along with Netdrive and I still have the same issue.

Ive have fixed the issue by forcing my IP address static. Not sure how that could have been the problem before reinstalling windows but it has corrected the issue as of now.

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