Previous NetDrive version drive mounts even though Windows service stopped?

Windows 2012 server under VMware.
Old NetDrive version (I believe it was NetDrive 1) mounted drives N, O, Q, R, S and T
We disabled the old NetDrive under Services
Installed NetDrive3, configured to mount drives N, O, Q, R, S and T
It does so successfully but intermittently upon server reboot, it mounts E drive with old NetDrive, see screen shot below.
We have no idea where this E drive is coming from!
Any help is appreciated, thanks.



Could you uninstall NetDrive1 and try again?


Hi, we didn’t uninstall because we wanted to be able to fall back to NetDrive1 if any severe problems with NetDrive3 but I thought to rename the .exe of NetDrive1 and now I’ve rebooted several times and the NetDrive1 E drive is no longer appearing. Also, let me know if I need to open another topic but our server is in the US and our NetDrive drives connect to a server in Japan and we use XCOPY to ‘sync’ folders/subfolders of Japan to the US. With NetDrive1, it took about 8-12 minutes to complete, now with NetDrive3 it’s taking less than 1 minute. Is that possibly because NetDrive3 has disk caching and maybe NetDrive1 did not?

NetDrive3 has improved performance over NetDrive1.

This may be because background uploading is applied.


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