Office documents disappear and rename themselves as .tmp

Users try to save office document, close it, try to access again and it is gone.
They are able to find it by looking for .tmp files.

Similar to this:
“I can confirm this issue exists. It’s ok if i use native sync app, but if i try to use a 3rd party WebDAV app i have the following: 1) open the ms exel file and do some changes. (let’s call the file - List.xlsx),there also created ~List.xlsx in a file directory 2) Click save, it says can’t save file. 3) I click close without saving. 4) ~List.xlsx becomes 1KB long and my original file List.xlsx disappears. File with some random characters, like DS832DH.TMP appears instead of it, it has the native List.xlsx consist and length”

As I’ve answered to another article. This is known issue and we are working on it. When it’s fixed I’ll let you know.

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