NetDrive3 - several users


I had a license NetDrive of version 2 for 11 connections and I could use her on 11 computers.

I updated NetDrive to version 3 and now it turns out everywhere where I come with this license I receive an identical set of the connected disks, and it is necessary for me different sets of connections on different computers.

Money is paid for licenses, and I cannot use them now.

How now to be, can you break to me one license for 11 connections for 11 licenses on one connection?


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I have also paid for 4 devices and its not possible to login with different credentials. I have to login everywhere with the same email so everyone now have the same drives connected. do I have throwed away my money ?

@aforce8 @f-hiemstra You need a Team License to use separate drive configurations for each user. Please send us a private message: