NetDrive3 / Mac OS Big Sur / Synology WebDAV

I have problem with my files when connect to Synology

  • some of them don’t show (simple excel file for examle)
  • some folders open very long or never

In Windows 10 through the same soft i have no problem

I have last version V3.15.415

Please help, thank you!


Thank you for using NetDrive.

Could you attach debug log files to figure out what happened?

After setting the log level to VERBOSE, please reproduce the problem and send us the debug log file :

There is no login related credential information in the log files.

Regards. (628.2 KB)

Log File Attached

I was reviewed the files you attached.

But it was difficult to figure out.

Please let me know the filename which is not shown and the folder name which is too slow to list files.


Don’t show:

  1. Files/Клиенты архив/1 В работе/Александр-Сады Майндорф/Сады Майндорфа.xlsx
  2. Files/Клиенты архив/1 В работе/Сергей Грива - Топаз/Счет Сергей Михайлович.xlsx

Slow to list (through the “browse” button in the main menu - it was once, working normal now):
Files/Клиенты архив/1 В работе/


Thank you for feedback.

I reviewed the log files again.

I think the name of the files which were not shown could be not a UTF-8 encoded file name.

If you change the file name to UTF-8 encoded, you can see the files in the finder.



How can i change the files name to UTF-8 ?
On Windows 10 i haven’t got any problems with this files…

There are so many ways to change filename character set to UTF-8.

Windows system uses multibytes character set by default. Otherwise Mac uses UTF-8 by default.

If you connect DSM in a browser on a Mac, you can change a utf-8 filename with File Station.


Yes, after change the name in DSM File Station - i can see the file in Net Drive
But i have a question:
I use “Yummy FTP Pro” before Net Drive and this issue didn’t appear
Why NetDrive have on Mac have this problem with only few .xlsx files
All files are identical, created on Windows (use multibytes character) but only with some of them NetDrive have problem…

It’s a Finder feature rather than a NetDrive issue.