Netdrive3 hangs and stays initializing

It does not start… it stays initializing…

I reinstalled the latest version and it is working now

I have this problem constantly on 15 different devices… all running latest version… anyone else seen this before?

Thank you for using NetDrive.

Could you download and install from here to check your issue?
Above version is new release candidate version.

I have the same issue. I get “Netdrive3 - Initializing”. It sits there and I cannot access any of my mapped drives. Windows 10 1709. There are a number of bdrive processes running (screen shot available) but Netdrive3 is not working me. I tool the license option of moving off Netdrive2 which did work fine. I installed (version) Netdrive3_Setup-3.2.324. What do I do?

Dear initnert.

Sorry for inconvenience.
Could you check the followings?

  • nd3svc.exe is running or not.
  • ndagent.exe is running or not.

If one or both of above processes are not running, check services list of your pc.

  1. press WindowsKey + R, then input services.msc.
  2. “NetDrive3 Agent (Product NetDrive3)” and “NetDrive3 Service (Product NetDrive3)” are in the service list or not.
  3. If services are in the list, start type must be “Auto” and their state must be “running”

If it’s very difficult for you, we can support by a remote session via TeamViewer.