Netdrive3 creates large cache folders


This is Peter from Germany, bought Netdrive3 and using 2 Synology NAS with Windows10

Just while trying to change towards Windows11 I found out that the capacity of drive C: is rather low due to the large 2 cache folders of both NAS: total amount is more than 260GB…

Question: Why does Netdrive not delete files in the cache folders automatically and - if not - may I delete the content of these folders without trouble?

Thanks for any reply,
regards Peter

Dear Peter,

Thank you for using NetDrive.

The cache is deleted when the mounted drive is unmounted.

And you can configure Cache related settings in SETTINGS.


Thanks Tsjeong,

correct, didn’t realize, that the cache is empty when drive is unmounted…

The problem with the “missing capacity” was that both NAS have been open and mounted for days and a lot of traffic has taken place. Learned now: Close the drive if not really necessary

But: I just transfer a package of approx 5 TB from an external hard disc to one of the NAS (8TB, that will happen only once) using BCompare as synchronization program. Hence, both drives (external hard disc and NAS) must be “open” and the maximum of disk space available for the cache on one of my internal drives (where the cache is located) is approx 1,1 TB - that means, that I have to do this in 5 steps, approx 1TB each

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