NetDrive3 adding new user via management portal

I have a Team setup and currently manage them at I can add a user at the bottom right of the WebGUI (although sometimes it hangs up and requires me to reload the page). When I add the user it adds them in a state of “Email not verified” instead of active which I would expect. But for some reason the confirmation email never gets sent to the users. I have confirmed emails are getting to the email account with no issues and very fast.

Is there a long delay on getting this “welcome/confirmation” emails for new users? Is it required for the new user to login on the accounts webpage before anything will happen?

Note: Currently I’m just trying to manage users from one Admin login. I would not expect users to login on the WebGUI interface, just the PC application.


Never mind, this issue has been resolved. It seems it just takes a while for it to process the email. The process in case anyone else needs to know is as follows…

  • Login to ADMIN account.
  • Go to admin users.
  • Add a new user.
  • They show up as “Email not verified”.
  • They will get a new account creation message after a few hours.
  • They will login for the first time.
  • It will tell them to confirm their email address.
  • Then the account will be active.